2021/01/09COVID-19 Corona Virus Prevention Measure Notice


Thank you for always supporting us at SOZO Hair & Make.

Business hours change notice:
According to the government emergency state warning,
we are changing our hours to 10am~8pm.
Last appointment for haircut will be 7pm.
Changes will be reflected from April 24th~
whenever the state warning will be lifted.

Thank you for your understanding.

With the provided information from government institutions,
our company is implementing the following health measures at all salons.

1. Face masks on all staff members
2. Disinfecting sanitizer spray for customer use
3. Implementing hand-washing and disinfection throughout service
4. Thorough ventilation throughout service
5. Restricting number of customers and staff to avoid contact

We value safety and health of both our staff members and customers.
Please do not risk your health if you have any pre-existing conditions.
We sincerely thank you for your understanding and continuing support.

SOZO Hair & Make


Tokyo’s best international hair salon

After special training in London, New York and Tokyo,
Keizo and Taa realised they shared the same values of beauty and opened their own salon in 2010.
This international salon boasts a team of world-standard staff
who deeply understand the requirements of different hair types from clients around the globe.
Our customers range from Japanese celebrities to foreign models.
Sozo hosts seasonal exhibitions which you can enjoy as part of your experience.
The salon will meet any sort of demand with outstanding levels of skill.

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