About Salon

01「SOZO’s Goal」


Making the world a happier place
In 2009, Keizo and Taa opened SOZO, aiming to create a salon environment where every customer can truly enjoy each experience. Customers come to SOZO because it provides the services using only the best techniques in Japan as well as great hospitality. Each member of the team has experience working abroad — as such, many foreign customers feel at ease because of the team’s English-speaking abilities. Now SOZO is known as a highly-ranked salon and has international customers on a daily basis.



Be beautiful while enjoying art.
SOZO works with many international artists to host exhibitions at our salon.
We guarantee that each experience at our salon will be different thanks to our seasonal exhibitions.



SOZO’s customers are very international.
Our customers range from Japanese celebrities to artists and foreign models. We welcome diversity and celebrate the international individuals in our team and amongst our customers.

04「SOZO’s English, skill and Service」


The SOZO team has had experience working with various different types of hair, with clients from all around the world. Our fantastic customer service is possible because we offer an array of products imported from different countries, each designed to address a specific hair type.
Customer satisfaction is a priority — empowering our customers through consideration and wellbeing are both an integral part of training.
Our motto is “make the world a happier place through hair.”