Desiging and silhouette structuring with wet cutting.
Controling thickness and quantity of hair, create hair texture by dry cutting.

Experience the high level hair cut by stylists banded around two owners succeeded arould the world.


Start with "before" style.

This case, she has not had any hair cut or color for 3 months.
Her tangled and split ends causes unsettled hair.




We correct detailed both visible and invisible hair information to grasp your current hair condition.




We remove sebum from pores of the scalp and dirt stuck to your hair with special cleasing and scalp massage.


Scalp massage shampoo

We use FLOWDIA shampoo to match your hair style.

Enjoy our special shampoo and scalp massage.


Hair treatment

hair treatmet gives good luster and smoothness.
Repairs and conditions at the same time.

Finish with hot towel on your neck and forehead to improve blood circulation.



You will get scalp, neck, shoulder and back massage after hair wash.

Experience SOZO original massage.



Wet cut

Length and Shape will be created.
Your head structure and hair texture is a key to a perfect wet cut.



Drying technique helps to solve a lot of problems such as jumping ends and unruly hair.

Hair shape sets when the temperature cools down.
Dry your roots in all direction.



Dry cutting

We control the thickness and quantity of hair and also create hair texture by dry cutting.

We place the most importance on reproducibility at home.


Styling and home care advice

We give some advices on how to style, what product to use at home. Lots of tips to give you.



So this is the "after"

This time we create a bob syle with soft roundness silhouette.

This is how it looks when you style just with your hand drying. None of product has been put on. Reproducible and rich in design.
Let's find out the hair style which suits you the best.