CUT   Owner Cut
CUT   Director Stylist
Experienced and skilled supervisory technician.
CUT   TOP Stylist
Experienced and skilled Stylist.
CUT   Stylist
Stylist we recommend with confidence.
Color (pre-treatment included)
We offer more than 150 color to choose from to match your hair condition.
Second process of color we apply.
To dye on faded ends or where it needs more depth of color.
Hybrid color
Gentle hair color has variety range of lighting you can choose.
Good for sensitive scalp and fine hair that needs strength.
Non-diamine color
Diamine free color.
Best for those who have sensitive scalp, irritation by diamine and want some beautiful shine on hair.
Half head high-lights which creates contrast and express three dimensional look.
Full head high-lights which creates contrast and express three dimensional look.
Perm (pre-treatment included)
Create waves and curls to style.
Digital perm
Heating process gives your hair more natural looking and long lasting curl.
Creates the natural and curly look of using curly iron or curlers.
Digital Straight curl
Mixture of straight perm and digital perm.
Straightening and making middle to ends curly or wavy at the same time.
Straight perm
Straighten hair naturally and smoothen without damaging.
FLOWDIA system treatment
Repaires damaged hair from inside out to create moisturized texture.
Head spa
Deep treatment to clean the oil and dirt by massaging and hair packing. Has a hair pack effect.
Hair Up
Hair up for special occasions such as weddings and parties.
Shampoo blow
Massaging scalp, neck and shoulder using several types of shampoo that has massaging effect.

*Price shown on the list are all tax excluded
We charge Shampoo & Blow-dry fee for anything on the price list except Hair Cut
・Fringe trim ¥1500
・ages up to 12 50% discount
・ages 13-15 30% discount
・High School, College or University Students 10% discount