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SOZO Hair and Make is a salon that was founded in 2010 By Keizo and Taa,

who both hold the same values, after having

investigated haircuts in London, New York, and Tokyo for many years and

their talents being recognized. The staff who have come together under

these two hairdressers who know the world possess high technical skills,

language ability, and a global perspective. As a result, SOZO are highly

valued by well-known Japanese people, foreigners, and foreign models.

Repeat customers are over 90%. SOZO's customers are comprised of not

only people living in Japan, but even customers who come back years

later after visiting SOZO during their travel.


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SOZO Hair & Make is an atmospheric salon that was brought to life by people with rich international experience, having learned and worked in major cities around the world such as London and New York. Characterized by the outstanding skills and the staff and heartfelt hospitality typical for Japan, SOZO enjoys the support of many fans and regulars. About 40% of the salon’s customers are from all around the world, swearing by the skillful staff that makes the most out of every hair type and physique, choosing styles that complement your unique looks and knowing exactly what colors etc. to use for your hair type, no matter where you are from. Treat yourself to a makeover by experts in Omotesando, one of Tokyo’s trendiest areas!
*This articles from the top of 8 stylish english speaking hair salon tokyo, live japan.



2001 Became top stylist and manager backed by New Yorkers.
2004 launched SOZO Hair & Make withTAA after working 10 years in Omotesando as a manager.KEIZO has celebrity clients.

I like cool and also cute style.
I always have been trying to be able to match any kind of hair style to client's taste since I first become a stylist. And I am also trying to cut thinking how I could make the style last long.
I feel so happy when my clients come back to salon with their hair still looks nice.
I love my dog. I usually go to dog cafe or shops I can take my dog with. I am searching those shops when I get my day off.
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1999 Launched SOZO Hair & Make with KEIZO after working in a salon in Omotesando as a manager.
TAA does Magazine shoot and photographing.

I am 41 years old grew up in Otsuka, Tokyo. Loving hair dressing.
My hobby which is always on my blog is eating and drinking. Love beer, Sake and wine.
My motto is to be happy all the time.
People smile is at the top of my list of priorities during my work.
I create repeatable style with minimum blow dry and I hope that will help you to save some time for you to do your hair at home.
I am happy to make the best hair style suggestion to suit your lovely smile.



Career: 8 years

After graduating from university, im received a hair dressing

certificate from a japanese hairdressing school and obtained  a

national Cosmetology lisence.I had completed the diploma course at

Sassoon Academy London, and polished my technique for two years a

London-based salon. im competent at chic style from long to short,

creating and adjusting the base first to ensure it is well-shaped.




career : 9years

Developed his own interest in hairdressing almost a decade ago in New Zealand.

Having then moved to Australia he came back to Tokyo in 2011 in order to refine

the techniques and skills he gained.

Having started his passion in outside of Tokyo, he is very experienced in

foreigner's hair and also skilled in straight perming.